Smyrna Bugs had the weekend off, so I thought I would write about a common question around FBC Smyrna, “How do I connect to a Small Group?” 

GroupLink is a title given to the event to help people get connected to a Small Group.  Northpoint church is the author of this event but shares all it’s information with other churches in order to help them connect people with each other via Small Groups.

FBC Smyrna offers at least two GroupLinks each year.  In February 2008 we saw over 400 adults, that were previously unconnected, get connected to Small Groups.  Our next GroupLink is on August 17 and 24.  FBC Smyrna will have the new Small Groups and open Small Groups represented in the hallway/foyer of the church building after each worship service.  Each SG will have items displayed that help communicate more about their DNA, hobbies, interests. For example, there will be golf lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, parents of preschoolers, singles, couples, football fans, those who love to eat, others who are about deep Bible study, and those who love to serve.  I can’t wait to see who God calls out to be Small Group HOSTs this fall. 

What if you visit or seek to get connected at times other than these two opportunities?  Why not connect with other attendees or members from your area?  Every Sunday there are some of the Small Group staff waiting to talk with you at the Guest Services booth.  They will also help you complete a SG Info Card to help us connect you with others who live near you.

I also encourage you to be seeking God’s guidance in two other areas:  1. Invit some of your friends and famil, who do not attend church anywhere, to worship with you at FBC Smyrna.  2.  Find a place to serve at FBC Smyrna and build relationships with others who are serving> Click here for more info.

To learn more about FBC Smyrna Group Link click here.

I hope to see you at the next GroupLink, August 17 or 24.