What a game.  If i had not been there to see it with my very own eyes I would not believe it!  A seven inning championship game between the 13-14 yr old Blue Jays and Braves. My oldest son Graham plays catcher for the Braves.  They had a great spring season and finished in first place in their league.  Of course that means people are going to come after you.  (The life lesson from this blog is “Never give up.”)

It was a back and forth game.  Braves up 3 -1, 3-2, then loose the lead by 5-3.  Then a chance to tie it in the fourth with 2 runners on and a base hit to left.  The tying run was tagged out at the plate making it 5-4.  That score would stay until the top of the sixth when the Blue Jays walked away with the game by scoring 6 runs, making it 11-4. 

The Braves held the Blue Jays in the seventh, then came to bat in the bottom of the last inning.  The Blue Jays let their starting pitcher, whom we have yet to hit strongly all season, continue in the seventh. We knew we were done.  Fans began to pack up and get ready to go home.  This 3:00 game actually began at 3:40 and now it was 6:10pm.  We were hot, tired, upset with the whipping the Blue Jays had put on us,  and ready to eat supper.  Now that is selfish isn’t it.

Because at the same time the Blue Jays had not thrown many balls in the last three to four innings.  No pitcher had been in the bullpen for at least 2 hours.  The Blue Jays coach was nervous, even with a seven run lead. 

The Braves come to bat and get a man on.  He steals to third and they walk the batter.  Two on, no outs.  The coach pulls the starting pitcher and brings in a cold reliever who walks the bases loaded then gives up a double.  Score 11-7 Blue Jays.  He then walks another batter.  Coach changes pitcher who gets two out but  walks the bases loaded and gives up a single.  Two on, two out and score 11-9 Blue Jays.  Next batter singles to left scoring 2.  Score 11-11.  Grounder to third, over throw at first.  Runner from second rounds third headed for home, knowing he is either the last out of the inning or the winning run.  He crosses the plate as the high throw from first hits the catchers mit.  SAFE!  BRAVES WIN!!  BRAVES WIN!!!

Graham was 2 for 3 in this game with a drive to right center that cleared the defensive players head and ended in a double.  He was also hit by a pitch in the bottom of the seventh to be one of those 8 runs. 

The lesson here is never give up!  Never loose hope.  There is always the possibility in life that we don’t see, can’t predict and don’t understand.  I know the Blue Jays played a hard game and made decisions they thought were in the best interest of the team.  You have to try.  You have to do what you think is right and go with the outcome.  Anything different would have been to ignore you best judgment and solid advice.  Keep searching, keep hoping, and keep moving.