It was a cold day in January when it all began.  Smyrna Bugs players and families met in the Student Lounge of FBC Smyrna to discuss the future of the Bugs.  This would be where we had to decide are we going strictly travel ball or trying to do both travel and league.  This would be where we had to put up the money and decide to put in the time to be a competitive team in the BPA.    Parents and players walked away excited that would were going to “go for it” and be a travel ball team.  Who would have thought….

We began practice in any indoor facility we could find.  Running, throwing, hitting nerf balls, doing push-ups, and running plays.  Then in March we played our first two tournaments with both getting rained out before we could even get out of the pool play games. 

In April we won the Gallatin USSSA Tournament, the Cane Ridge BPA, the Mt. Juliet USSSA NIT and Mt. Juliet Middle TN Invitational.  May would see the coldest weekend tournament on record for the Bugs, the BPA Mothers Day Classic, which we won by winning five games on Sunday.  Who would have thought….

The Bugs hit a slide the end of May and first of June finishing as Runner-Up in the FBC Memorial Day Tournament and third in LaVergne Summer Slam. 

Our goal all spring was to get to the Tennessee State BPA Tournament and World Series.  Winning one of these would be the “icing on the cake” for the 2008 Smyrna Bugs.  We won the State BPA Tournament.  The Bugs continued to rack up their Championship trophies by winning the Smyrna Summer Slam and LaVergne Open tournaments.  Winning the State Tournament guaranteed us a slot in the World Series.   Who would have thought…

We were up against the toughest teams in the South East for the World Series.  There were 29 teams competing for the World Series title and we came in third.  The Bugs were not as discouraged as they were tired.  The hottest and toughest tournament of the season would see the Bugs give their best and walk away proud to have finished so high in such a tough bracket.   Who would have thought…

The 2008 Smyrna Bugs finished the season winning the Smyrna Mikey Jones Annual Tournament.  They celebrated with a team and family photo.  

On that cold day in January who would have thought that the 2008 Smyrna Bugs, not the fastest or hardest hitting team.  Not a team comprised of individual all stars, but a team wrapped around unity and a desire to win.  A team of guys who loved baseball, loved having fun, loved sliding, hitting and throwing people out.  A team of guys who encourage each other, celebrate the great plays and sit with each other during the not-so-good plays.  A team coached by probably the most researched, the most dedicated, the most competitive coaches in the southeast.  A team with the most loving, supportive, and competitive parents a guy could want.  A team who prays before the tournaments and meets their competition on the mound after games to pray.  A team who has chapel services on Sundays when games are scheduled during worship hours.  A team that finished with an overall record of 59 – 10, and tournament record of 10 Tournament Championships, 1 Second Place finish, and 2 third-place finishes.   Scoring 877 runs and allowing only 491.  Who would have thought?

The 2008 Smyrna Bugs had a lifetime of memories made this year.  Who would have thought that at 8 years old you could have a lifetime of memories?  I have played and coached baseball for over 40 years and have never been part of such a season, such a team, such a family.  Thank you Jesus for such a season as this.  Could this ever be repeated in my lifetime, the guys lifetime?   Or may it be so………