In all of life there should be goals, objectives or targets that help you know if you are growing and going in the right direction.  In business or church organizations it is also important to have clear objectives.

Various Small Group Ministries succeed because they have a clear target on what they want to accomplish.   Here are a few examples of objectives from various churches:

  • The five purposes:  worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship; Steve Gladen, SG Pastor of Saddleback Church Author of 250 Big Ideas for Small Groups
  • Connect, Change, Cultivate, Bill Search, Small Groups Pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY.  Author of  “Simple Small Groups”
  • Belong, Become, Bless, Virgil Grant, Pastor, Eastside Church in Richmond, KY.
  • Discipleship, Community and Service. LifePoint’s Small Group objectives.

If you are searching for the objectives for your church, any of these might work. BUT I encourage you to think through the direction of Small Group Ministry for your church and make it your own, specific to the direction of your ministry.

If you are wondering what is success for you as a Small Group Leader, here they are.  The objectives represent LifePoint’s language, DNA, and culture. They are designed to point people toward the Biblical Principles for which this ministry has been designed.