In April 2018 I changed jobs to become the Adult Groups Minister at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN. A church I have followed and known well over the years, or so I thought. This blog clarifies what Granny told us all many years ago, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

I assumed Brentwood to be a very driven church as it ministers in a very driven community. What I discovered: a very encouraging Pastor, church, staff, and attendees. Through my transition of beginning a new role in a new office at a new church I have discovered what I believed to be true not to be the case.  The dress code, the time clock, the performance test, the hurried pace I expected were all proven wrong within the first few weeks. High expectations of quality service, dedication, care, compassion, encouragement, spiritual pursuit, and prayer…of course are at Brentwood Church.

Both my parents passed away over the last 4 months. The members, staff and Pastor have prayed with me, sent cards, flowers, calls, stopped by my office, and forced me to be out of the office more than I could have dreamed.  My grieving has been made easier through the care and compassion of Brentwood Baptist Church! The hurried pace of life is slowed with Soul-Care days, Chapel services, Deacon visits for encouragement and prayer, a nurture team with handwritten cards coming in daily, and flowers being delivered to my office…all contribute to the holistic view of Brentwood’s care and compassion over performance and are supported by statements such as:  “A better Eddie is a better Brentwood.” “If your hurting, we hurt, and you cannot be healthy for the ministry or Kingdom. We are here to help keep your soul focused on Jesus.” “We want you serving out of your overflow relationship and love for Jesus.”

The fresh views a move makes available to you, whether that be a church, a community, or a life-stage change, help paint a clearer picture of the phrase “when you get to know them.” The phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may apply to your life too.
Have you gotten to know your neighbors?
What about the other parents on the team?
The new guy at work?

I am thankful for Brentwood Baptist, especially during this time in my life and transitions of life. Don’t depend (or wait) on God to move you to a new town, new job, new stage in life to give you fresh views of the life you have. Start today to see your role with a fresh view.