As we launch into the fall, many ministries will have their training and kick-off events.  One of the things I have discovered is the heavy emphasis on doing things right and not necessarily doing the right things.  We train on proper procedures, communication, and process.  But we sometimes forget or assume the obvious concerning the bigger picture.

Barna Research has discovered there seems to be a disconnect for most Americans between serving the community and helping individuals find their way to God through Christ.  Ministry related goals–such as teaching the Bible, introducing people to Christ, and bringing people to salvation–are infrequently viewed as a primary ways to serve the community.  Even among many churchgoers, contributing positively to the community is perceived to be the result of offering the right mix of public service programs.

Let me challenge you to consider the right things as you plan on doing things right.  Each of our adult ministries (MOPS, Softball, Fishing, Men’s, Women’s, etc) train to do things right…set up, requests, posters, communication, teaching, etc…but all of them also know the value in knowing about the bigger purpose of LifePoint: Pointing People to a Christ Centered Life.  We include in the design and training of ministries and events on the right things, and for LifePoint that is he Christ Centered Journey.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
Stephen R. Covey