This summer LifePoint Church will be encouraging you to Live Sent by being active in your neighborhood.  Here is how my story of living sent began.

I had always looked up to a friend of mine who seemed to know everyone on his street.  He had the ability to connect with people very easily.  He suggested I read Randy Frazee’s book The Connecting Church and that’s when I began to Live Sent as he had been doing. My family and I started getting to know our neighbors. Over the years it has become second nature to not only know my neighbors, share ministry opportunities and do life together with my neighbors, but teach others how easy it is to be a loving neighbor.

Over a three-year period in my previous neighborhood, we saw a man and son baptized, another couple come to Christ, a man far from God cry over his excitement as he was baptized.  A marriage on the rocks was salvaged and became a shining light to others.  We even rallied for service projects for others in the community as well as shared items, recipes and swimming pools.

We hosted a block party, it was a cook-out at the Commons Area.  We just put a flyer on everyone’s door inviting them to the cookout and to bring hotdogs, drinks and ‘fixins’ for their family.  We provided grills and tables. Nearly 100 people attended, met new neighbors and shared life stories about the neighborhood.  We even rented an inflatable for the kids.  We are now planning a July 4th event and possibly a camp-out. (Luke 5:29)

We met new people and started a small group. As we planned this cookout we discovered neighbors who also attended LifePoint church.  We asked them to help with the party and then invited them to join our small group.  It is so much fun to be able to walk to small group.  To see others in your small group on an almost daily basis.  Now when we pray for our neighbors, we actually know their name and some of the issues for which to pray. (Acts 2:42-47)

For some, their neighborhood may be the ball fields, tennis courts, fishing zone, boat, etc; you define your own neighborhood. Begin by walking your neighborhood and praying for homes and families.  Watch for God at work as you begin to build relationships with neighbors.  Here Here are our top 10 ideas on ways to connect with your neighbors this summer. (Acts 1:8)

  • June 3 Movie on the Lawn & Walk neighborhood & pray for each home.
  • June 10 Host cookout for neighbors, Help neighbor with yard work
  • June 17 Dessert Party for neighbors
  • June 24 while on vacation “pay it forward” by paying for people behind you
  • July 1 4th of July Cookout
  • July 8 Give out Capri Suns at pool, host a Block Party
  • July 15 Organize summer potluck street parties.
  • July 22 Have watermelon, coffee or dessert with friends
  • July 29 Neighborhood Back-to-school campout, Pray for others in the stands at a sporting event
  • August 5 Deliver flowers in pots to friends as prayer notice

Why not help your neighborhood?  The eternal destiny of your neighborhoods can be affected by doing life together.  Now is the time to begin planning your next opportunity by getting a few neighbors together and hosting a cookout or neighborhood project.

For more resources on Living Sent in your neighborhood check out
101 Ways to Reach Your Community, Steve Sjogren
Field Guide to Neighborhood Outreach, Group Publishing

UPDATE:  One family took us seriously!  Sunday’s Live Sent event included a movie by the pool.