-Sharing Christ with 6 different teams (35 man rosters) in 5 different cities.

-Watching my son read scripture and share about how spending time in God’s Word changes our lives.

-Getting to take grounders, give away equipment, and pray in two languages.

-Leading our 16 yr old left-fielder to Christ…who said “I have never had a conversation with anyone about becoming a Christ-follower.”

-Hearing your son and other players say the biggest highlight of the week was spending time at an orphanage playing, singing and sharing with the kids.

-Using our passion (love for baseball) for God in another country.

We know that two of the biggest transformers of a life for Christ are in spending time with God daily in His Word and going on a multi-day mission trip. Both of these allow you the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with our Creator. Both are centered on dependence on God and His Word as he communicates with us. These two things deepen our knowledge of Him and our faith in Him.

This would describe our fall break for 2014 and many of you helped send us. My son & I were invited to go on this SCORE International baseball mission trip to the Dominican Republic by a fellow lover of baseball and Christ. We prepared, prayed, packed and thought about the impact we would have on the players and coaches. Our Coach’s comment on the last day sums up what really happened:

“What we did for them is so temporary, but what it did to my (our) heart is permanent.” Coach Mike Bartlett @mbartlett24

What is your passion? What are you doing to lead your family to share Christ? When can you take your first or next mission trip?

PS: you may need to have your Passport in hand so when God offers you are ready: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english.html