My husband and I started attending Lifepoint in 2010.  At the time, we were not yet married and he had been going to Men’s Fraternity and to church on Sunday.  He was not at all convinced he needed a small group to get more connected.  When I joined him at the church in the spring of 2010, there were several things we were living through that kept us from immediately joining a small group.
As we worshiped each week, I knew this was the place that God wanted me (and Bryan) to get connected deeper, He wants us to live in relationship with Him and others who follow Him.  In the late winter of 2010 I convinced Bryan to go to a on campus group class that was going to be discussing REAL Marriage – after-all, we were getting married in a couple of months.  We joined this 6 week class, led by our Marriage and Family Pastor and his wife.  While there, we met a great couple and really hit it off with them.  We had a great experience in this group setting so Bryan was open to joining the Connections Small Group that met each week on campus.  Yeah! I was thrilled to get more involved in the church, meet more people and really strengthen my (fairly) new walk with Christ.
We went to our first Connections Small Group and who was also in there? Our friends we met in the marriage group!  That made it seem all the more right that we were where we were suppose to be.  We continued attending the Connections group for the remainder of 2011.  When the church announced they were doing GroupLink to start new small groups, Bryan and I thought this was the perfect time to leave Connections (Connections purpose is to make connections then start a small group) and be part of another small group.  Apparently our friends were wanting the same thing and one Sunday when Bryan and I were out of town, they volunteered us to not only start, but LEAD a small group! (Note to self, don’t miss a Sunday because you may just get volun-TOLD to do something).
We were completely OK with taking on a group in our home, although we were both a little nervous.  We had not been part of an off-sight: small group, we were NOT well versed in the Bible, we were in the INFANT stage of our walk, what if we didn’t lead people correctly?  What if they knew more about the Bible than we did?  What if…..ANYTHING?  Satan really tried to convince me that we were NOT leader material.  Well, Satan did not win.  We started our small group in February of 2012.  The church wide campaign made it quite easy to lead as they provided study material and our Pastor was preaching the series on Sunday.
Here we are, 2 1/2 years later. 4 families sharing life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  I love my group like family.  We laugh, we cry, we challenge and above all we love!  We have seen growth and will be sending out one of our friends to start their own small group this year.  While this is so bitter sweet because this is the couple we bonded with from the very beginning, it is awesome to see how God has used this family to do GREAT things in our church and for His Kingdom!  I could not be more proud to have been able to witness this transformation.
Small group is amazing,  It is a way to connect, to grow, to live, to care and to serve.  It has had its struggles but the rewards are great.  If your not in a small group, will you consider joining one?  You will not be sorry.  We weren’t.