Once a month I will have a guest blogger, one of LifePoint’s Small Group Leaders (Shepherds) share their story in hopes of encouraging and inspiring you.  This month’s story is from Jon, a man who learned from his Mother’s example how to invest in people.

As a young adult, there seemed to be a trend where churches moved out of the traditional Sunday School’s into meeting at a person’s home.  For years my Mom had been bringing people to her home after church each Sunday evening for dinner and playing cards.  They visited together and enjoyed being around one another.  In hind site, these were also the folks that seemed to join forces when someone in their community was in need and they came to their aid.

Several years later I came to LifePoint Church from a traditional Baptist church, but knew of their increasing movement to small groups.  After watching my mom’s example, I thought it would be a great thing to lead a group in my home.  I invited a few people whom I saw a lot around the baseball fields and were also attending LifePoint.   One couple we invited, the husband was not a believer nor attending church, but his wife was.  On the way home from our third Small Group meeting, the husband told his wife ” I have learned more about the bible in the last three weeks than all my times in church.”  He added that he was liking this atmosphere.  A few weeks later, he began to inquire about our church services and said he might show up one Sunday.

After investing in our relationship for five years, from his first time in a small group to regular church attendance.  From a guy I knew at the baseball field to a friend I have shared many back porch discussions with…this gentleman has surrendered his life to the Lord and I had the honor to baptize him.

Small group for us is a great way to introduce friends and neighbors to Christ in a non-intimidating way.  We open the Word and begin sharpen each other,  serve together on projects around the city,  and we simply do life together.  We all need the large corporate worship setting, but getting down to the details in a small group is life-changing as we have witnessed in my own group.  Thanks Mom for the example.

What example are you setting for your kids?