If you have been tracking the theme moving across the southeast you will know this study is timely.  Discussions on “what I wanted or expected God to do and what actually happened” are commonplace around small groups and churches right now.  So you may want to consider this new study that I had the joy reading through last week.

This title says it all, Amazed and Confused, a new study from Heather Zempel. Whether you have grown up in a church or just stopped by this read because of the title, we all have experienced the amazement and confusions of life.  But when our expectations of what we think God “should do” don’t align with God’s actions, we walk away amazed and confused.

In this study, of an often overlooked book, Heather helps us understand the Bible’s design, ask tough questions and then we walk out in the end with hope.

A great personal read or better yet a book to journey through with your friends and neighborhoods.  A catchy title for you, yet one that will invite people far from God to discuss learn to rely on God’s wisdom. Grab your Bible and spend a few minutes each week learning from God via one of His minor prophets of the Old Testament.

Bottom line, “We are reminded that God calls us not according to our gifts, abilities, vision, great ideas or education.  He calls according to His purpose.” Heather Zempel, Amazed and Confused.