What do you do to love your neighbor as yourself? For many this may seem like a chore, others may see it as a normal daily life activity. Most of us are so busy, how could we have time to think of serving others? I was taught that it does not have to that difficult!

My mother-in-law taught me a lot over the years. One of the life-lessons she taught me was how to love our neighbors daily, in the natural course of life. When she bought groceries she would pick up an extra can of food. When she bought linens, she would grab an extra set of towels. And of course the baby gifts would pile up too, by purchasing a teether, rattle or package of diapers when they were on sale. She would store these items in the front bedroom closet. On almost every visit Mamaw would tell us to get something out of the “front bedroom closet” and take it to someone she knew. At her funeral I mentioned how most everyone present had received something from the “front bedroom closet.” Several people smiled and agreed they had been the recipient of item or two over the years.

What an example this became for our family.  We are always looking for opportunities to love our neighbors and this practice makes it a normal part of our life.

Where is your “front bedroom closet”? Can you pick up an extra item or two today as you stop by the store?  What could you do today to “love your neighbor as yourself?