I am a “get it done” kind of guy.  If you have ever been around me you know how hyper and focused on the goal I can be. This is how I work and play.  People will not invite me to fish or play basketball because of the danger to those around.  A friend uses the phrase “Go. Go. Go.- Do. Do. Do” to describe me.

Recently on a mission experience this caught up with me.  We were installing cook stoves in huts in the Mayan Village.  DSCN1053Our team of 6 was trained on the first install, then we took off.  Because of the language barrier we had to have Mayan to Spanish then Spanish to English translators. This really slowed down the install and increased the amount of people in the hut.  As we would install the cook stoves, more and more Mayans would gather around to watch, averaging about 25 people in the small space.

I realized we could split the team up and accomplish the (our) goal much quicker.  So I began to quickly help our team complete the first install and then hurried off with two other team members to the next install.  Leaving part of our team and the translators behind to finish talking and cleaning up.

As the team joined us at the second install, the missionary/translator pulled me to the side and basically said:  “Hey Eddie, if you would slow down we would have more time to tell them about Jesus.  This is the only chance I will have to spend quality time in their hut with such a large number of their family and friends.”  I looked at Doug (missionary/translator), but all I could hear was God yelling  “Be still and know that I am God.” (I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!)” Psalm 46:10

Do you often miss opportunities because you will not slow down?  Will not be quiet? Will not take time to notice the real reason you have a goal to accomplish?  I have to pause, take a deep breath, get comfortable with silence, remember it is about people-not a goal,..even when I lead my small group, train other leaders, coach baseball or drive on the interstate!

This week as you lead, coach, work, and drive, try putting into practice Psalm 46:10.  Slow down, be quiet, be still. Don’t miss opportunities.