The spring campaign is almost over.  The devotionals and weekly discussion guides provided by the church are nearing the last weeks.  Members of your group are probably wondering what is next and I know you the leader are beginning to think about the future.  Here are three things you need to be considering and planning to discuss in the last two weeks of the campaign:

1. Party/Celebration: take a week off of the study and live out what you have learned about God and each other.  Celebrate by going bowling, skating, surfing, eating ice cream, cook out, etc.  Sit back and enjoy time to just talk about life and families.

2. Next study: Consider the discipleship needs of your group.  As the leader you have the opportunity to be the spiritual guide for each person in the group.  Ask God to show you the direction for each person the group.  Find commonalities in their journeys and choose a study that will help the group.  (For those unique cases, you might consider spending one-on-one time with them.)  LifePoint has a Small Group Health Survey that better enables a leader to discover needs and suggested resources.

3. Covenant/List of Agreements:  Before you launch into another study, be sure you discuss the ground-rules. By whatever name, discussing these can make a huge difference in your future.  Let the members of the group speak into this covenant and add or delete items that are necessary to keep the group on track.  Here is a sample covenant from LifePoint GroupLife

Now get the group to plan that party!