You, as a small group, study God’s Word together a couple of times a month.  You eat out or go to a movie with each other every three months or so.  You see each other weekly in neighborhood. You may even exercise or coach together multiply days during the week.  You pray together, attend church together and serve together on a project.  Then you turn in a Communication Report weekly sharing stories and who is participating. But when you leave the country together for a week to conduct a mission experience in Mexico, life together means much more.

Our Small Group decided in October to take on a mission experience to the Mayan villages in southern Mexico.  We began fund-raising, gathering of supplies and giveaways as well as working through two books to help prepare us for the experience.  The four months preparation included the study of  “When Helping Hurts”  and “Jesus on Leadership” (both now required for LifePoint Church mission experiences).

Not every member of the small group could go, but everyone participated.  Each family had a responsibility: communicate with others including via  Facebook, transport kids, prepare meals, pray, collect supplies, transport team to and from airport, send a member on the trip.

The week was full of stories being shared by the missionary and stories being lived out by our team.  We worked to install wood cook stoves in the Mayan homes.  For generations they have cooked on a campfire built inside their huts.  Smoke continually filled the room causing hazardous living conditions and much time to prepare the meals. Mayan 2 burner stove
The stoves you see here cost $200, are vented and retain heat on a third of the wood.  Not only does this improve their living conditions, their preparation time, but it also saves them money on firewood.  What was more exciting than seeing their joy over having a new stove, was sharing about Christ to each family as we installed the stoves.

I have been on many mission experiences, but none felt more at peace than going with people whom I already do life with each week.  Talk with your church and see how your group could begin the process of going on mission together.  It may start right in your own subdivision.