A few times a year your group may want to focus your discussion time on the week’s sermon. But, this is not always easy.  The pastor has spent hours praying, preparing, researching and conversing with others about various points of the sermon.  Then you have a few minutes, few hours or maybe a couple of days to figure out how to apply this to your small group and/or generate questions to lead a discussion.

To help you with this dilemma for this month we are emailing three questions and an ice breaker to Small Group Leaders immediately after the morning worship services. However, you do not have to wait on the email.  You can use the foundation of the questions and apply to the sermon on your own.  Here are the questions:

1. What?  What does the Bible say?  What was the clarification of the verses in the sermon?

2. So what?  So what difference does knowing these verses make in our lives, our group?  What was the purpose of the message the pastor gave today?

3. Do what? What are these verses and new knowledge calling me do?  What difference in the calling on my life does this sermon and verses make?  What will I do about it?

Try out these questions this weekend at your church.  See how these three questions can help you break down the sermon in a transparent discussion with your group this week.