How am I doing?  Summer time = Influence Time (3 of 3)

As we wind down the school year and prepare for summer, activities galore hit us. I am sitting here trying to arrange travel for my baseball playing son to 5 cites for multiple nights in May-July, making sure we have a few dates to see the grandparents, wondering about family vacation, small group get-togethers, baseball practice or games every night, oh and work and pool/boat time.  (Are you tired yet?)

Then I realized I am not on my street, in my community, involved in baseball or part of a small group for ME.  It is not about all the “What’s” on our schedules, but the “Who’s.”

God has given me these opportunities to influence people toward Him.  When my family participates in pool parties, sits in the stands or helps coach a baseball team, travel with other families to games, have small group get-togethers, these are times to show Christ.  These are opportunities, if we are intentional, to help people move closer to being like Christ.

Influencing people toward Christ this summer is not something extra!  It is not something to add to your schedule.  It is being intentional and thinking about where God has planted you and the interests/hobbies he has placed in your heart.  It is being intentional to talk with people in your everyday summer activities.

Who is on your team that is not a Christ-follower or could use some encouragement?

Who could you invite to your pool party that is not connected to a Small Group or Church?

Who lives on your street that needs a smile and words of encouragement or maybe an invite to your cookout?

How will your summer end differently because you intentionally focused on the “Who’s” rather than the “What’s”?