You have probably heard some of this before.  You may have seen Steve Gladen talk about his street in a conference.  Maybe you read Randy Frazee’s book The Connecting Church. You may have bought the book 101 Ways to Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren.  But still wonder how to impact your neighbors with Christ’s love.

Here are three easy steps to get started impacting your neighbors this spring.

1. Draw your streets: What would you consider your neighborhood?  Do you already have friends on your street?  If you have a dog or like to walk for exercise, the spring time is a great opportunity to walk the streets of your neighborhood.  As your walking notice every house, car, swing set, pool, etc.  Pray for the family who lives there and watch for opportunities to build a relationship with your neighbors.  When you return home, draw your streets and place a square marking each home.

2. Place name on each house:  Begin to place a name on each home and how you can pray for them.  You may have noticed a swing set, pray for their children; you noticed a business sign on a truck in their driveway, pray for their business.  It won’t be long before you begin to build relationships and get to know a few neighbors by name.  You may realize that you attend the same church.

3. Plan parties: Have a dessert party in your home for your new neighbor friends. At this party, plan neighborhood parties that this group can host.  Here are a few we have hosted: cookout, bonfire, can collection event for local food pantry, wiffle ball  tournament, flower sharing event…the list is endless on ideas for parties for your neighborhood.

The parties will be opportunities to build relationships with more neighbors.  Through these relationships you will be able to impact your neighborhood by discovering needs, services, common interests, etc.  These relationships will not end with the event but open the door for you to be able to share Christ with your neighbors.

Easter is coming soon.  it has been one of the best opportunities for our neighborhood to come together.  We host a 2 hour Easter Egg Hunt (actually hunt is about 10 minutes) in which eggs, prizes and leader are all from our neighborhood.  We divide the hunt by age divisions, even leaving time for the parents to participate in an egg toss.

This maybe your first step to impacting your neighborhood.