I met Zech 2 years ago in Haiti.  He was on staff at the Chadasha Guest House as the security guard.  He was very quiet and never really close to any of us.  Zech would stay in the front room or hang out near the gate of the property. When our LifePoint team would travel through out Port-au=Prince, he would ride along for our protection.  At that time Zech was not a Christ-follower nor did he know much English. I guess that is why he did not interact, but just tagged along with us.

Since that first trip Zech has continued to be security for the Guest House as well as on travels around the city.  He has walked with visitation teams, waited around with doctors and nurses at the clinic, played with the children at the Children’s home, and walked the Tent Cities with mission teams from the United States.  Zech did not say a much on our initial mission trips. His common pose for pictures, if you could catch a photo of him,  was to ‘never smile’

In spring of 2010 Zech gave his life to Christ.  He began to work on his English speaking and study God’s Word.  He gathered 4 other English speaking Haitians around him and continued to grow in Christ and English.  In 2011 he began to get involved with leaders of Chadasha in a discipleship Bible study each week.   He challenged the other Haitian guys to be dedicated to the study.

I cannot tell you the shock I had when I once again traveled to Haiti last week, Zech met me at the front door of the Guest House.  He smiled and said ‘Welcome’ in his unique Haitian-English accent.  That was not the only surprise I received during the week.  Each morning our team would visit people who lived closed to the church we were serving.  Zech was one of the team leaders and interpreters. On more than one occasion Zech would take the lead on witnessing and challenging people to give their life to Christ or ‘get back in church’. Our team watched as he lead one lady to Christ right on her front porch.

It has been 2 years since my first introduction to Zech. Yet it feels like a life-time of difference this young man in Christ has experienced.  He has thrown himself at the feet of Jesus, learning everything he can about Christ and his Word.  His weekly discipleship group has grown from not having Bibles to caring, quoting and living out Christ.

Last week our team witnessed a new step in Zech’s spiritual walk.  He met a lady while visiting with our team who was paralyzed.  Zech felt led to make a difference in more than just praying with her.  When he returned to the Guest House he called his discipleship group together and challenged them to make a difference in people’s lives.  He was going to give monthly to a fund and then share it with people who had special needs.  He challenged his group to match his monthly gift.  In a country where $3 a day is a good, solid salary, Zech is giving 14% of his income to others, over his tithe to the church.

Zech moved from tagging along to taking the lead!

Here Zech is presenting the money he and his discipleship group raised to help handicap adults in Haiti. (and holding true to his pose of ‘never smile’)

Zech’s reply when asked “What is wrong with this lady?”

“well, she’s my sister in Jesus Christ she’s paralyzed she don’t have anyone to taking care of her and her family but now God gonna taking care of her and her family.

Zech’s life is a challenge to me to live for Christ at another level.  Tagging along as a Christ follower is not sufficient.  It is time for me (and maybe you) to take the lead in serving and sharing Christ.

(You can friend Zech on Facebook at Henry Ezechiel)