As you know by now, a lot of my learning, training, discussing comes over a meal.  While having lunch with George, a small group leader who started a group last spring, I learned five things.

We were discussing the community that exists in his group and all the individuals in the group.  He knew each of their ‘storys’ and the potential that each one possessed.  Life issues kept some from ‘perfect attendance’ or taking turns leading the group.  Family situations prevented others from hosting or serving on a project at this time.  But he KNEW each person’s situation.

After we completed the discussion of each family, we moved on to: “What’s next?”  He quickly explained how they had taken the Small Group/Disciple’s Health Survey and discovered their weakness was in the disciple’s characteristic of ‘Influence.’  He had picked a resource for the group and calendared with members the dates of their next four gatherings.

This led them to a service project as a group which led some of the group to participate in a missions experience in Haiti.  Group members either went on the experience, were prayer warriors for the experience, collected supplies and gifts, provided rides to/from airport and even served as dog-sitters for the week.  Upon returning from the experience the group gathered and shared what God had done through their availability and unity as a small group.

George then shared about who he saw stepping up as potential leaders.  He then asked for ideas on how to develop his apprentice and we discussed next steps for his already well thought out plans.

Here are some of the things which we could all learn from George:

1.  He had a heart for people. He really wanted to see his SG members be more like Christ next year than today.

2. He knew how to pray for his SG members.  Because he spent time with people and listened.

3.  He knew the characteristics of a Disciple (survey). How can I pray for each person and their Christ-likeness?

4. He knew the activities that could help them move on their spiritual journey.  Activities, Mission experiences and how to involve the entire group in a project or experience.

5. He knew who to spend extra time with for future leaders.  And then developed a plan for the next 8 months.

You too may learn some things from George.  Be sure to share your stories with others to help them grow.