I’ve unfortunately heard of groups exploding, dissolving or quitting.  But never have I heard of a smal group leader actually firing his group, until Wednesday.

It had been a long 6 months of mediocre commitment from the group members. Frustration mounted as he and his wife would try to encourage LifePoint’s principle of “share the load”  Getting different members to prepare food, design a menu, host the group meeting or even lead an up coming meeting was impossible.

The frustration mounted to the point that he became creative in his attempted solutions for this lack of commitment: he and his wife agreed to ‘fire’ the entire group… then offer to start a new group with clear expectations and agree on each person’s responsiblity.
The group of six couples is now a group of five couples, three of them serve as apprentices, all share the load of leading a week, hosting a week and preparing a meal for the group. These responsibilities only come around once every five weeks…and they love it. The group is united!

A covenant, read thru and agreed upon, at the very beginning of the group can help minimize these issues in many cases. However, sometimes we have to resort to tough-love options when the issue continues.

Take it from this group leader, getting serious about making disciples is not easy.  But in the end, this one grew people more in one serious small group meeting than in the 6 months prior. Clarify the purpose and responsibilities of your group!  Here is a sample covenant that might help you.