If you are like the average leader in business, church, small group or sports, you want to excel. Your work hard.  You deal daily with issues and check off your to-do list before heading home each day.  But what sets the above average leader apart is a plan.  A plan keeps the goal in focus, you know where you are going and can evaluate your progress often.  As you evaluate you have the opportunity to tweak the plan and move forward toward the goal.

Above average leaders write their plan along with their team.  They include them in evaluation of current reality.  They look to the future and cast vision for where they want to be over time. They create a winning culture and hold each other accountable.

Average leaders plan for the future, but do not evaluate those plans on a regular basis.  They move on to the next fun or current thing and forget about the yearly plan.  They may write the goal down somewhere but don’t take time to evaluate their progress.  Average leaders do not see the big plans through, they jump to the next best seller or buzz word/activity.  Do you see things through or do you jump to the newest idea before you yearly plan comes to fruition?

The challenge for each of us to rise above the average leader is to identify the “big rocks,” the” big goals” for our work for the next 12 months.  This is the list of four or five things that you need to accomplish in your work.  Write a plan on how to accomplish them.  Then calendar your review times for the year NOW!  Do not let anything take precedence over the importance of reviewing and evaluating your progress. Celebrate the wins and tweak the plan in order to move forward.

Decide today to become an above average leader.