You have been praying for your unconnected friends and neighbors.  You worry about the spiritual condition of those around you.  You have found the security that comes from being in a Small Group and you want others to experience this same thing. Here are six reasons that you can discuss with your friends and neighbors on why they should be in a small group:

  1. Understand the Bible better through group discussion as you apply the Bible to your own personal situations.
  2. Develop close relationships with other believers who will walk beside you in your journey as a Christ follower.
  3. Find answers to the needs in your life through group prayer.
  4. Get support in times of crisis or major changes from people who really care for you.
  5. Demonstrate to your lost friends the love of Christ in a non-church setting.
  6. Move from being a spectator to a participant by using your gifts and talents as you serve others.