Leadership Community is an event, a meeting, a training experience we borrowed from Exponential and the guys at Community Christian Church.  It is basically an evening living out what Carl George calls VHS, Vision Huddle Skill for all leaders of LifePoint Church.
We met for 30 minutes with our Pastor casting Vision to everyone. (this particular meeting was on ‘making disciples’). Next was 30 minutes by division for Huddle time with Coaches and Leaders discussing ministry issues as well as how are we going to carry out the vision that was just cast.  Finally the Skill time gave the divisional leaders a chance to speak in detail on how they were going to accomplish the vision.

Our feedback forms gave me a chance to see if other leaders were as excited about this event as I was.  Well, they surpassed my expectations.  With nearly 100 adult small group leaders attending, the number one feedback comment was ‘next time I would like more time with my coach.’

I learned that Carl George has a great handle on leader development.  His coaching for us was a reminder that “the secret of engaging adult learners is to find out what they want to do better and offering to show them how.”

I learned that Leaders want to be led and don’t mind the meeting if beneficial for them.   I learned that the Coaching time discussing as a huddle not only what we are trying to accomplish, but how, was much-needed and much wanted. I learned we need to offer more opportunities and better enable our Coaches huddle opportunities for leaders.  And I learned that leaders will respond to a clear and compelling vision of apprenticing.

What is the compelling vision you and your team have cast for your leaders?  What can you do to help leaders discover how to accomplish ‘what they want to do better’?