Last week’s blog post “5 Actions to Increase Commitment” surfaced a lot of discussion. Many of you realized the foundations that were required to make these work. Some may have missed the foundational elements that were assumed in this blog.  So here are the two foundational elements that are crucial to increasing commitment.

1. Relationship:  what we do as Small Group leaders (whether on or off campus) sets the example for everyone else.  This does not require you to be perfect, live a ‘holier-than-thou’ lifestyle.  The first foundational element just expects you to be a caring human being who takes the time to get to know the individuals in your group.   Take the time before and after the Bible study part of your meeting to get to know people.  Look them in the eye, listen, show interest in what they are saying.  It is not about the material/content/curriculum as much as it is living out what you are studying.  You can’t ask someone to host the next meeting if you don’t know them.  It takes a lot of security for someone to volunteer their home, especially if you ask in the middle of the meeting.  Get to know the people by taking advantage of the ‘before & after’ times of your gathering to chat with individuals.  As Rick Warren says:  People come for content, but stay because of relationships.

2. Prayer:  If we have relationships with those in our group it is much easier to build commitment because we know their interests, hobbies and concerns.  This better enables us to pray for them.  Praying for those in your group by name daily is probably the best foundational element you can add to your daily routine.  By taking a day and pray for an individual in your group you are placing them high on your list of concerns for the day.  As you ask God to bless their life, show you how you can help them and what you need to say to them the next time you see them, you are helping the relationship grow.

Begin today to pray for a member/couple in your small group.  Text, email or call them today to begin to deepen the relationship.