“I have an issue with people in my small group not being committed. They say they will show up, but don’t. I have called and emailed them, but sometimes they just don’t show up.”

Sound familiar?  Most SG leaders have made this statement at some point.  Here are five actions to consider in order to raise the level of commitment of each member in your group.  Each of these require you to plan ahead…I mean ahead more than emailing people on Saturday night where Sunday’s meeting will be held.  🙂

5. Put them in charge of the meal planning for the next meeting.  This would require you to open a discussion with the group about the food they like and watch for opportunity to calendar the menu for the next few weeks.

4. Have your next SG meeting/party at their house. This would require you talking individually with them about who would lead, what it would take to host, how it would help your family and the group.

3. Ask them to lead the next study at your house.  This would require you meeting with them individually to ask, discuss and show hot to lead.

2. “Share the Load” of small group by discovering everyone’s  interests, hobbies, passion.  Then ask each of them, individually, to lead in planning/organizing a group outing or a part of the group related to their passion.

1. Pray by name, daily for the individual/family.  Pray God’s protection around their lives and calendars. This would require discipline and planning on your part.  In a group of 30 SG Leaders this became the number 1 response to this issue of commitment.