To continue the conversation about Leadership Development for Small Group Leaders we now look at our infrastructure. Coordinators serve as directors of 5 coaches and 25 groups each.  Their Leadership Development offers a different level of opportunities for their level of service.  I spend a lot more time with the Coordinators and we make most decisions as a team.  My goal is to provide opportunities for Coordinators to develop into full-time small group pastors, if that is where God is calling them.

Leadership Development in our Small Groups Leadership School (see 9/13/11 blog post) offers opportunities for Coordinators to make decisions and develop a philosophy.  Each Coordinator is encouraged to treat their division (25 groups, 5 Coaches) as an entrepreneur treats their business, with creativity, learning and decision making.  Our goal is to see more adults involved in healthy Biblical Community:  Discipleship, Community and Service.

Annual Conference: exposing the Coordinators and Coaches to other churches and philosophies further develops them for leadership in their division, but also in future ministry opportunities.  This can be via a simulcast or a live event.

Quarterly Retreat:  Coordinators gather each quarter for a retreat where story telling, vision and planning take place.  Coordinators are provided a book, blog or website to review and develop a plan for their division to help us achieve our goals.

Coordinator Breakfast/Luncheon: Each semester I have breakfast or lunch with each Coordinator, individually.  They in-turn have meals with their Coaches.  Spending time over a meal discussing what God is doing is a way to learn how and where to lead next.

Coordinator Coffee Break:  Spending time with their Coaches makes a difference.  Being available beyond the ‘call me sometime’ or ’email me’ is crucial to leadership.  Letting their Coaches know they are available any Sunday for a conversation has proved to be beneficial in leadership.  We even provide Cafe coupons so the cost of coffee is not an excuse. This is our decentralized opportunity for all Leaders and Coaches in which they can download a leadership booklet, read through it then meet to discuss. also serves as a blog post and a source of on-going information for leadership.

Leadership Cave:  Well, it finally hit my office…playing off the Man Cave movement,we have carved out time on Wednesday nights for our Coordinators to hang out in my office and talk. We talk about life, ministry, groups, stories and opportunities throughout Grouplife.  We learn from each other how to handle situations, how to start new groups, how to develop apprentices and what to pray for in each others ministry, family and life.

When considering Leadership Development, variety helps.  Try to offer a variety of options in which Leaders, Coaches and Coordinators can participate.  Not everyone can make a single time, a single date or an annual banquet.  Communicating crucial information and development opportunities in many ways will help your team grow and develop into the leaders we all want to be.