What are you intentional about? -Being on time? – Eating healthy? -Exercise? -Landscape being perfect? -Having on the correct shoes? -Spending time with the kids?-Having the most recent release of the Iphone? -Improving your golf game? -Investing in your IRA?

Whatever it is, I bet you enjoy it, spend time weekly or at least monthly working on it.  There may be times when you take time off of work to focus on it.  You will read books, watch videos, talk to others who are doing it better than you.  What is it?

Let me suggest an area that each of us need to be intentional about: apprenticing.  You know your role in society, in God’s Kingdom, in your neighborhood, at your school.   A way to help more people as well as the next generation is to share what you have learned with others.

At LifePoint GroupLife we have spent the last 45 days trying to discover the key to doubling the size of our small group ministry.  We have been blessed to have many people to step up and host their friends, neighbors and co-workers in a small group.  Each of them has learned what it means to help each other become more like Christ next week than they are this week. They: 1. understand the Bible better through these group discussions. 2. Develop close relationships with other believers. 3. Find answers to the needs in their lives. 4. Get support in times of crisis. 5. Demonstrate to others the love of Christ. 6. Discover how to move from a spectator to a participant by using their gifts and passions to serve others.

The opportunity is ours.  Intentionality on our part could change a persons future.   Each of us has friends, neighbors and co-workers who do not have the chance to share their burdens, understand the Bible better or find answers to their needs in life.  So about what are you going to be intentional this week?