Every week someone will say “I want to get connected to a Small Group.” Of course that is music to our ears because we know the chances of this person experiencing sustained life change and staying involved in the local church has just increased greatly. A small group is the environment we all need to connect with others and continue to grow in God’s Truth. With LifePoint being a church of Small Groups, we have created many portals through which this person can connect.  It is that important.

Discover LifePoint.  This is a one-time, one-hour class that shares with participants the mission and motivation of LifePoint church, as well as discover their next step on their spiritual journey.  Encouragers meet with each individual to discuss their next step.  Next steps include connecting with a small group and/or service opportunity.

Small Group Interest Cards are available in Discover LifePoint (DLP), the Guest Services Booth and on-line.  This card can be completed quickly and shares info about the person seeking to get connected.  Our goal is to introduce this person to a GroupLife staff and a Small Group Leader within a few weeks.

Starting Point* Group.  Starting Point meets on-campus on Sunday mornings and is an exploration of God’s grand story and where you fit into the narrative through a conversational environment.  This is a 10 week experience at the end of which participants are aided in starting a small group.

Connections Bible Study is one of the easiest ways to meet others who are looking to connect to a small group.  This is an on-going, on-campus opportunity to study God’s Word with other singles and couples while seeking to form a small group.

On-Line: Small Group Interest forms are available at LifePointchurch.org.  This form is processed the same as a Small Group Interest card.  Inquirers will be invited to meet with someone from our GroupLife team and in time introduced to a small group leader.

GroupLink: This is a periodic event designed to help people take what can be a scary step into a group and make it more natural and relaxed. At GroupLink, there is the opportunity to choose from dozens of new and existing small groups.  We encourage people to have a conversation with two or three leaders and choose one with which to connect for a six-week study.

Start Your Own: God has given us all relationships that can be avenues to a small group.  The opportunity to gather a few friends or neighbors and study God’s Word is natural.  LifePoint provides an orientation class, resources and coaching for people who want to start a small group.

Which one is most fitting for you?