You may not have jumped into a Small Group yet because you are not sure what happens in a Small Group.  Let me walk you through the average SG:

We met at GroupLink (next one is Aug 14 & 21) and decided to have pizza together at my house Sunday night at 6pm.  Somewhere between 5:55 and 6:10pm everyone finally arrived.  The kids ran through the house, out the back door to our swing set and trampoline.  The babysitter we had already contracted* with was already on the trampoline waiting for the kids.  My wife greeted those who had brought food and helped display it on the counter.  I invited the guys into the living room to watch the end of the game.

In a few minutes (6:30pm) we announced that the meal was ready. (sandwiches and chips and drinks, with banana pudding for dessert; sometimes we have themed meals too)

We crowded around the counter and prayed for the meal, the study and our conversation.  As we ate supper together (kids in one room or on deck, adults in another) we discussed the week, life, kids and an ice breaker question:  “What is the most impressive slight-of-hand (“magic”) trick you have ever seen?”

We then moved to the living room for Bible study time (6:45pm) for which we already had the ice breaker question going.   I led the question time through the study provided by LifePoint.  (Other groups may use another approved study for which they purchase their own books.)Some people were quiet, others talked, some laughed, we all learned a little more about the Bible, each other and ourselves.  About 7:30pm we wrapped up the study, agreed on our next service project, party and meeting dates.  Then we went back for more banana pudding and the kids stormed in for more to drink.  They had been playing in the back yard the entire time.

As 7:45pm rolled around most of the members had gathered their dishes and headed to the door.  Each one left knowing that they would get a call, text or FB message during the week to see how they were doing or maybe even invited to go out to eat or see a movie.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like this?  You get to share food, fun, laughter.  You get to share a part in each others spiritual journey to be more like Christ.  Your kids have the opportunity to play in a safe environment learning from a loving babysitter how to treat others.  You get to invest in the spiritual journey of the next generation by funding a student’s way to camp.

Small Group is the best place for sustained life change to occur. In a small group, people study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where people pray, care for one another, and are missed if you don’t show up. Our objectives for Small Groups are Discipleship, Community and Service and I hope you are a part

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*Contracted:  we agreed with the babysitter to pay her way to LifePoint Student Camp next year if she would babysit our kids for 1 hour, two or three times a month.  We also agreed to invite her to our parties and even through her a birthday party.  The babysitting ended up costing each family about $5 per meeting.