LifePoint Smyrna has been averaging between 2500-3000 for the last couple of years.  Over the past 18 months we have launched campuses in Belgium, Bangkok, Seattle and a second Rutherford county campus.  We have also helped plant a church in Hendersonville, TN. Last fall the church-wide campaign was on the book Radical by David Platt (sermons, daily readings, SG studies). As a result, LifePoint mission experiences quadrupled,  hundreds of families committed to reading through the Bible in 12 months and pray for the world, sacrifice finances for a specific purpose as well as commit to a multiplying community. From this the sermon/worship series ‘One Story’ was launched. We were very excited about the path God had put us on to live out all these commitments and grow campuses.

Then our Sr. Staff had the opportunity to meet with author/consultant Carl George.  Carl listened as we explained all that was happening.  After a brief pause, he said “Amazing, if you can do all this with 3000 people, what could 5000 people do?” That sent our minds spinning, praying, looking, watching, and listening to God more than ever. Each staff member began to ‘roll up their sleeves’ (not really, none of them wear long sleeves) and seek God’s direction for their division.

Small Groups will be vital to this level of growth.  So we put together a list of opportunities God is giving us to connect people for Discipleship, Community and Service:

+On campus mid-size groups lead to new small groups
+GroupLink in August and February will offer new small groups
+Leadership Community raise up new leaders
+Sports teams and leagues start affinity groups
+Neighborhood groups double through events over next 9 months
+Apprentices challenged to take lead of their group
+On-line discussion groups lead to intentional small groups
+Turbo group will develop leaders rapidly for each GroupLink

Which one of these caught your interest?  Which one of these will change the trajectory of your life of the life of a friend?

Have you looked at what all God is showing you in your ministry that could connect more people? That could bring fame to his name? That could put your friends and neighbors on the path to falling in love with Jesus?