You probably know by now that one of the keys to success for LifePoint Small Groups has been our clear and constant emphasis on the three objectives:  Discipleship, Community and Service.  One of the ways we live out Service is service to our community.  An easy way to rally your group around this level of service is to adopt a school.

Look around your group and discuss which school is represented in the group. Pray about how your group could help that school.  Then visit with school leaders, maybe spending a few minutes with the principle or guidance counselor. This will provide the relationship needed to help kids, families and schools.  Clarify up front that this is not a ‘church growth’ method or a promotion for your church, but a way to love your neighbor and help others.  Since your group’s kids attend that school it is only natural that you want the best for the school.

LifePoint groups have provided backpacks on opening day, clothing and school supplies.  Some took a weekend and landscaped, planted trees and fixed athletic fields.  Other groups have supported Christmas parties and even tutored kids.

Building a relationship with the largest gathering of kids and families in your community can have an impact beyond your service project.  Why not mention this at your next Small Group get together.