We were late getting fliers out. We needed more eggs. We were short on prizes.  But on Friday neighbors came through with plenty of supplies, eggs, prizes and offers to help with the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Then it rained. It was cold. So we postponed…but for only one day.  We moved our annual Easter Egg Hunt to Sunday trusting the normal Tennessee weather change to happen.  In 24 hours the temperature went from 54 and rainy to 75 and sunny. As I looked up and down the street I did not know whether to shout or cry as I saw neighbors come together.

Most people were able to walk to the Commons Area. Some pulled wagons with kids and pets in them. Others were riding bikes and a few even drove to the Egg Hunt.  I guess they wanted to have plenty of room to carry back their winnings.

As we kicked off the three age graded hunts, the parents along with big brother or big sister began yelling out locations. Kids were running to gather the eggs, baskets overflowing because neighbors had once again given so many eggs and prizes.

Some families had three generations represented at this years hunt.  What a way to make life-long memories!

Over 100 people came out for the Stonewood annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Many neighbors pitched in and helped hide the eggs as well as give out prizes.  Smiles, laughter and even some frustrated kids made it a success.  The frustration came in the big finale, the egg toss.  Eggs were flying, some breaking as they hit hands, arms and even some heads. But in the end people were laughing and telling the story of how they “almost won.”

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt was a success in connecting neighbors.  We spend hours in our neighborhoods.  We spend a lot of money to live in our neighborhoods. Being able to leave work or school and know you are headed to a peaceful, friendly place is a peaceful feeling that every person should have the honor of experiencing.  Your stress can be lessened.  The comforting smile, that may have left you sometime during the workday, can return as you drive home knowing what awaits you.  Events such as Easter Egg Hunts, bonfires, cookouts, pool parties, etc all play a part in bringing a “it’s good to be home” feeling.  When neighbors come together life is a little more relaxing and…well, the thought just makes you want to put on your best