For the second weekend in a row the Bugs make it to the championship game facing the good-hitting Franklin Outlaws.  For the second weekend in a row both teams experience the unfortunate experience of umpires not knowing the rules of the game.  For the second weekend in a row frustration built due to these mistakes. For the second weekend in a row the Bugs made errors and the Outlaws hit the ball.  For the second weekend in a row the Bugs come away Runner-up.  AND for the second weekend in a row Bugs parents sent encouraging emails about their kids positive experiences and learning moments, despite the loss.

“I just wanted you all to know how much my wife and I appreciate your continued faith in our son Patrick (he was hit in the eye by bad hop) today after the eye injury.  I don’t think there is another team anywhere that would have  that trust and faith in a player like you showed him today.

Jeff says “Grow slow”.  I say ‘savor the moment, remember the hit, remember the catch, remember the throw, remember the time(s) you played off the ball off your face’? There will be no better times on a baseball field than there have been for the past several years. The boys put on a great show today, you should be proud and I know you are.

I have experience as a parent and coach with several different teams and (you use) each little moment as a teaching moment.  It is the little teaching moments when the kids learn to play the game, when they learn to overcome adversity. It is the little moments that build the champions from within and builds them into the men we want them to become.

For years I have been hearing from different coaches of different teams that “it is a privilege” to be on this team or that team. It is truly a privilege to be a Bug parent.


I just want to say that after last night, I am even more proud to be a part of the Bugs family than I was before.  What an unbelievable group of boys and coaches we have.  They played their hearts out last night.

You all know that Bryce is a “man of few words”.  After we got home last night, we were all just sitting there and he said “you know what, we have the best coach in the whole world”.  Believe me, that is a lot coming from him.  I don’t know much of what was said in the (teachable moments) huddle last night, but it made an impact on Bryce.

Thank you coaches!!!

Why do you do what you do? As a coach, neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc…when you walk away from good times; not so good times, good experiences and not so good experiences; when you said the right thing or maybe said the wrong thing…what will be said of you?  Invest in the future by taking advantage of teachable moments.