Coach Pete was so moved by the effort of the Smyrna Bugs 11U baseball team (in their sixth season) this past weekend that he sent the following email to all the parents.  After reading this short email ask yourself if your extra-curriculum activities are producing these kinds of relationships.

I couldn’t be more proud of your kids this weekend. We grew as a team and learned even more about ourselves. Please share this email with your kids:

Highlights of the weekend;
Gresham shutting down one of the best teams in the state and grinding for 80+ pitches
Bryce turning into a machine at the plate and putting fear into the other team with his bat
Dylan throwing out runner after runner FROM RIGHT FIELD
Chase catching an entire Sunday in sweltering heat and mowing down runners
Brandon hitting a 60 mph fastball in the most clutch situation to win the game against the Knights
Chewy pitching a great Sunday game and going deep* for the first time as a Bug!
Buzz finding an extra 6 inches in his frame
Justin supporting his team even when on injured reserve
Steven going deep* and striking absolute fear in the hearts of opposing coaches
Patrick showing us a work ethic between games we could all learn from
Aaron pitching his heart out and getting us deep into the tournament
I love coaching this team and they are learning how to conduct themselves under very stressful situations.
May God keep his hands all over this family.
Coach Pete
*going deep: Coach Pete’s terms for ‘hitting a home run over the fence.’