What a blessing to hear a 71-year-old small group leader come and ask for a night to meet so they can have more Bible study because the hour they have on campus is tied up with prayer request.  Actually the leader said: “By the time we get through requesting prayer for our replacements, aches, pains, arthritis and grandkids, we don’t have time left for Bible study.”  They needed a place they could eat, talk as long as they could stay awake and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for Bible study.

We worked with the leaders to find a convenient time for them to meet.  Then I suggested they host it at one of their homes.  Then the leader shared another lasting statement:   “You don’t understand our generation.  For us, when you say host the Bible study at our house, that includes cleaning and cooking a full meal.  We don’t have people over without cooking them a meal.  Now it is okay for them to bring dessert.” So they decided to go out to eat and then gather on campus for their new Bible study night

It was not long before they added the service element of groups by collecting supplies for dresses for LifePoint mission teams.  They joined our Sew Much More team to cut, sew, iron these dresses.   Some of them cooked, some cleaned, some help set up and even some of them planned to participate in a mission experience to give out the dresses.

Doing life together has taken on much more than just studying the scriptures for these senior adults, they are living out the scriptures…together.

What can you do to help senior adults do life together for the Kingdom?