One of the biggest stories of my life was when I read Randy Frazee’s book The Connecting Church. It challenged me to get to know my neighbors. Over the years it has become second nature to not only know my neighbors, share ministry opportunities and do life together with my neighbors, but teach others how easy it is to be a loving neighbor.

Over a three-year period in my previous neighborhood, we saw a man and son baptized, another couple come to Christ, a man far from God cry over his excitement as he was baptized.  A marriage on the rocks was salvaged and became a shining light to others.  We even rallied for service projects for others in the community as well as shared items, recipes and swimming pools.

When we moved to Tennessee we immediately began the same process.  It is now duplicated in several neighborhoods of LifePoint members.  We throw neighborhood events like Easter Egg Hunts, cookouts, campouts and firework shows.  We serve our community with food drives, light bulb giveaway, landscaping and ministry when our neighbors are hurting.

Neighbors now take vacations together, have a weekly golf match, kids spend the night or have cookouts and campouts.  Families minister to each other with food, flowers and rides to the doctor. Kids play together in a much safer environment as we know our neighbors are watching out for not only their own children, but their neighbors children too.

Then there is the small group element that begins to emerge.  Neighbors do life together and begin to multiply the impact to the entire neighborhood.  As more and more neighbors become involved in Small Groups they see the opportunity to influence more neighbors for Christ.  Next week we will celebrate with another neighbor who is being baptized.

Why not help your neighborhood?  The eternal destiny of your neighborhoods can be affected by doing life together.  Now is the time to begin planning your next opportunity by getting a few neighbors together and hosting an Easter Egg Hunt.  Easter is April 24, so you still have time!