A new group every August. I know it is several months away, but we all need to plan ahead.  And I know I said one group. If you master this thought process you could start multiply groups each year with this same process, just change the target.

A mentor of mine introduced me to this idea many years ago.  Each fall we would notice an  influx of new adults as their kids became middle-schoolers.  Their parents would involve the teens in our student ministry, but not really get connected themselves.  For the first time in their parenthood they felt the need to get their kids in church.  They attended church for the first time or the first time in a long time.  Now was an opportunity to connect them to other adults who had the same concerns, fears or problems. So each fall we would write a letter to these families and invite them to a class specifically designed for parents of new middle-schoolers.

We now offer this type of class for specific groups for a six week period in February and August.  We call this a Super Group and promote the common interest as well as the purpose of this group.  These six weeks the group may meet either on campus or off campus with intentions to meet off campus at the end of the six weeks.  As we watch relationships form we identify hosts and offer them the opportunity to meet off campus.

What are some of the unresolved problems people in and around your church experience? Get of the office and meet with these people on their own turf to discover these problems/concerns. Find ways to group around these problems or concerns. (For further reading on uncovering opportunities like this check out Tuned In by Stull, Meyers, Scott).