LifePoint church is a multi-campus church with campuses around the world. Each campus is working to start small groups, some beginning even before the launch of a worship environment.  As I work with the Small Group Coordinators of each campus, I am learning and building strategy to start and multiply small groups.  Each campus has unique situations and cultures and the learnings from each are being shared with all campuses,  helping to design our foundational processes in the future.
We are seeing three seasons develop as we try to build small groups from outside and inside the church.  We cannot limit God’s activity to only  those who show up on Sunday.  Daily God is giving us the chance to connect with people with whom he desires a relationship,  let’s help each other not miss these opportunities.

3 Seasons of developing a Small Group:
1. Relational season: who are the people you like to hang out with? neighbors, ball team, singers, boaters, skateboarders, etc. These are the people who make up your relational season.  1. I had 75 adults attend an Easter Egg Hunt.  2. I skateboard with 15 guys every week.
2. Potential season: seeking God’s movement in the lives of people who are in your relational season. 1. Out of the 75, it seemed that 12 families might have potential to discuss “God things”  2. Three of the guys mentioned God this week as we riding our skateboards.
3. Small Group season: over time this season develops out of the potential season participants.  There is no time limit on something like this.  People move at a different pace, but we can’t wait on all of them.  1. Of the 12 families only 8 would attend a cookout (BBQ) at my house.  And only 7 would commit to a meal every other week to discuss parenting. BUT, we had a small group! Over 2 years another family made the move to join our small group.  2. I now meet with the three guys weekly to discuss God stories and issues in their lives.

This process can be implemented anywhere because it is about life, not a church program.  The key is ‘progression of intentionality’ that we are building relationships and watching for God at work  Loving and helping others does not have to end, the friendship and relationships can grow and deepen as you begin to do life together.