Ok, so the title may not be a direct correlation, but it did get you to stop by this blog.  Read on…I think every Small Group has a potential leader sitting in the room and we not know it.  God has gifted people to share his redeeming grace and unconditional love (Matthew 4:19), it is our job as leaders/pastors to give them opportunity to step up and lead.

One of our small group leaders just came by my office and said:  “Do you know Dave and Sue in my group? For some reason my co-leader ask Dave to facilitate our next Small Group meeting.  Dave did a great job!  Really surprised me! He was there all the time keeping his leadership skills quiet.  He showed signs of being a really good Small Group Leader.”

Do you have a ‘sleeper leader’ like Dave in your group? Have you identified an apprentice with whom you can share leadership?  Are you training/developing/sharing with someone else what you know and the jobs you have to accomplish?  Think about your group, who might be that “sleeper leader’? And how can you get them to lead?

Steve Gladen, Saddleback SG Pastor, has given us easy to follow instructions for developing/training/raising up those around us.

1. Crawl: ask someone to lead the ice breaker while you get your stuff together to facilitate the Bible study part of the meeting.

2. Walk: grab coffee the week before your next SG meeting and ask them to lead a section of the next study.  Help them prepare for their part by sharing some ideas on how you would facilitate this section.

3. Run: let them lead/facilitate the entire next session. You can be on vacation, business trip or sit in the meeting. Grab coffee with them sometime after the meeting to debrief what they felt and answer any questions.

Don’t let you group have a “Sleeper Leader,” show them how to lead!!