We all know that having your Pastor on board with small groups is crucial to the success of the groups ministry.  We all know that if the Pastor will promote it, more people will participate.  And, we all know that it is not as easy as having Rick Warren as our pastor…who says the words “small groups” multiple times on a Sunday. So, how did I get my pastors in two different churches to start saying the words from the stage?  Here are my top 5:

5. talk with him and use the words “small groups” often in the conversation.

4. quote Rick Warren by saying ‘you need to be in a small group if you want your congregation to be in one.’

3. show him how beneficial they are by telling small group stories weekly in the hall, around the coffee pot, in staff meetings, and on the way to the hospital.

2. offer to pay him $5 every time he mentions “small groups” from the stage.  It cost me $15 the first Sunday my former church pastor  Virgil Grant put this into practice.

1. pray for him daily. Probably need to be doing this one anyway.  🙂