Sometimes we get too caught up in what we ‘have’ to do rather than what we ‘want’ to do.  This way of life causes us to miss some of the natural, daily opportunities to enjoy life and receive happiness.

Recently a popular talk show shared some interesting research on how to be a happy person.  I am giving you the short list of a couple of thoughts and a couple of activities for you that will make you more happy:

1. Do you think of yourself as a happy person?  Interesting that how we think can influence how happy we are. Where do you go to ‘laugh out loud’?

2. Do you think happiness is genetic, born with it? You can control you attitude if you determine each morning that you will be a positive and happy person.

3. Do you make time each day for at least 10 minutes of silence? If you too busy to do this, your TOO BUSY!  Stop now.  Close your eyes and breath deeply. Enjoy the silence!

4. Do you know your neighbors? Yes, knowing the people around you can impact your happiness.  We sled, cookout, play in the front yard, and walk our neighborhood in order to meet and get to know our neighbors. How can you change your patterns this weekend to get to know your neighbors…for your happiness?

I like hanging around with and working with happy people.  They project a hope about life that makes me want to have and share that same hope.

Your attitude not only affects you but everyone around you, whether they know you or not.  Start today to be happy.