If there is one statement that makes me mad, belittles me, totally goes against a mentoring or apprentice lifestyle, it is “I got it covered.”  I hear this statement too often in a meeting, hallway conversation, or in a home.

In sports, consider how important it is to play as a team.  Peyton Manning has been an incredible quarter back in the last several years.  However, in 2010 we began to see how he is not as dominate without a strong offensive line.  When Peyton walks on the field he knows, in all of his greatness, he is nothing without blockers in front of him. For him to say “I got it covered guys, you just stay on the bench this series” would be stupid, but we basically say it all the time when we don’t take others along with us.

At home, when working the car, what help have you given if you don’t have someone watch you and learn from you.  When your teenager turns 16 and begins to drive, who is keeping a check on the oil? Tires? Wipers? If you have told them for 16 years, “I got it covered” you have told them they are not worthy to learn or you don’t care what happens to them when you are not around. Invite them come along with you when working on the car.

At Small Group, when you never ask someone else to help in leading your group you have told them they are not good enough to lead like you do. You have said “our group is perfect and we don’t need to worry about sending out someone to lead others. I will always be your leader.” Invite someone to come along with you as you learn to lead the group.

At work, when you don’t train others to do what you do you have said “I’m busy doing what I do, you don’t need to know what I know.”  Or in the extreme situation to say “I got it covered” could mean that it is none of your business.  What if God calls you to another position, location, opportunity? Invite someone to come along with you work and learn your job better.

Each of us have a responsibility and work to be done. Each of us also have a responsibility to develop those around us, the next generation and our family.  When tackling a project why not say: “Yea I am going to work on this, why don’t you come along with me?” Inviting others to participate as apprentices will help them know what to do when you are not there.  It also develops them to go out on their own one day and lead others.

Words are powerful!  Are your words developing others or isolating you from taking others along on the journey?