I was invited to attend a conference led by a leading and growing church from Idaho.  Really? Idaho? A leading and growing church in Idaho? This was too good to be true.  I had to meet the staff of such a church, so I hopped a plane and headed to the conference.

What I experienced was a former wrestling coach continuing his coaching, but for the Kingdom rather than a high school.  Jim Putman and his team taught and trained participants in what they call “Real Life Discipleship.” A process that he has designed that is simple, clear and reproducible. The training was very informational as well as inspiring.  Jim and his team sent us home with a new excitement for a clear direction for our churches.

From that conference in August 2010 (combined with the information from Willow Creek REVEAL conference) we have designed LifePoint’s discipleship pathway called the “Christ Centered Journey.”

Quoting Jason Stewart, Exec Pastor of Worship Programing, “One of the effective ways to move people to a devoted Christ-follower with their life centered on Christ, is communicating the reality that a life headed in the direction of Christ is a journey full of adventure with many steps, big and small. Specifically, we have crafted a communication tool called the Christ-centered Journey that gives definition to the common phases we all walk through in our Journey; helping guide people’s next steps in their faith journey.” Stewonline.com

The Christ Centered Journey can be reviewed on LifePoint’s website.

What map, direction, communication tool do you have for people in your life?  Your church?  Your organization? If you are ready to begin on a design, get this book Real Life Discipleship.