Repost: The weekly report, generated by the Church Teams/GroupFinder, came in stating the group “Did not meet.” As I looked over the groups list of names I realized some life changing activity had taken place in one of the couple’s life.  They had just returned from Ethiopia with their new adopted son.

Knowing that this was a big event for this family and knowing how close this small group was, I wondered why they said they checked “Did not meet”.  Did the group not greet the family as they arrived at the local airport?  Did they not feed the family for the first few days of adjustment at home? Did they not help paint, collect clothing, toys and food for this couple’s return home?

I called the person who entered the info in the Communication Report and ask these same questions.  She quickly responded “Yes, we were all at the airport with balloons, gifts and hugs.”  Our conversation then changed the future of reporting at LifePoint Church.

Since we view small groups as family and expect them to go beyond a once a week Bible study meeting, we are no longer asking for an attendance report to a weekly Bible study, but changing the question which guides their reporting.  “Did you do life together last week?”  This is the question that gives us much more info about group life. And groups can now use the ‘prayer requests’, ‘activities’ and ‘service projects’ sections of the Communication Report every week to share what God is doing in and through their group, even when there was no official/formal Bible study meeting.

So if you are trying to get a better grasp on how well you are doing in Small Group ministry or wondering if all your work is making a difference in the people in your small group, why not start asking a different question?