I recently learned about a new Small Group Bible study resource that brings some of the brightest thinkers into your living room to talk to your group.  Convergence, by Creative Trust Media, is a DVD driven study addresses what it means for us to live “on earth as it is heaven.”   Convergence provides thought-provoking conversations hosted by Donald Miller.  These conversations enable your group to have solid teaching from an expert, but do not leave your group in an academic, knowledge transfer mode.  The accompanying Discussion Guide smoothly hands off the DVD section to the leader via four or five discussion questions.

Sometimes starting conversations around tough subjects, whether they be too personal or too in-depth, can be as exciting as watching the grass grow.  However, Convergence begins with the Bible, launches into the DVD with experts explaining the topic in today’s terms and makes conversation easy.

In one of the sessions on Personal Growth: Learning to Meet the Demands of Life, Donald and Henry Cloud discuss how the Christian message helps us accept imperfection in ourselves and others giving us realistic expectations about life. We all bring expectations into community, really we walk daily with them inside us. People come to your group wanting to be fixed, to be loved unconditionally and have people involved in their lives and their families.  However the imperfections they find in others can either destroy the relationship or become an encouragement that says it is okay to be ‘me.’

The same week I watched this video I had a SG leader sum up her journey as a Christ-follower by saying “I went from a checklist faith to a relationship faith.”  Convergence gave me an opportunity to discuss the steps she had taken and the expectations she had come to accept.  Her comment let me know she had experienced what Henry Cloud said in the video and what we all want/need: to be accepted>with or without a checklist; to be known>without being condemned; and know it is okay to make mistakes.

To hear how Cloud helps us accept imperfection and view other Convergence videos, you can downloaded them for only $3.99 each. The first 25 of you who visit www.allthingsconverge.com from my post today (November 8, 2010) will get one FREE video download.  You must enter the promo code Mosley to download your free video.

Frank Chiapperino, Senior Pastor at Hope Summit Christian Church and founder of Small Group Help is also on the Convergence Tour and will be blogging from his perspective on Convergence on Wednesday.  Check it out:  http://www.smallgrouphelp.com/blog/