No this is not an Abbott and Costello joke.  This is actually  a phrase we are using to help Small Group Leaders as they prepare for their next Small Group (SG) Gathering.  Everything we do should ask these three questions; most of our email, blog, twitter, phone calls could possibly benefit from these two questions.

LifePoint has chosen to read through the Bible in a year. We are also preaching  and writing Small Group curriculum to go along with the weekly readings.  Daily we are reading about 3 chapters of the Bible, chronologically.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the assigned chapters of the week about Job, his troubles, how all of his possessions were taken or destroyed.  His family was attacked.  His income was removed.  He was receiving one attack after another.  As I read this story I thought about a good friend who was fearful of loosing his job any day, his dad was facing amputation surgery and his health was an issue he was trying to work on. I immediately text him and prayed for him.  I just practiced the ‘What?’ ‘So What?’ and ‘Do What?’ in my daily devotional.

The next week I was reading about Abram (Gen 12) and Lot (Gen 19) and their marriages and families…which today we would probably call dysfunctional.  Yet God used them in unbelievable ways.  I began to think about people in my Small Group, ministry and neighborhood.  The weeks’ readings turned into encouraging as well as confessional conversations during SG gatherings.  Once again, the ‘What?’ ‘So What?’ ‘Do What?’ questions were implemented.

“What?” As you read through your SG study for this week, ask “What is the information that is being communicated?” This is the head knowledge that is required to teach and educate.  But often times we leave the information transfer here.

“So what?”  So, what difference does it make that I know this now? It is nice that we are getting to check off our daily readings of God’s Word.  In 50 or so weeks we will have read through the entire Bible.  So what? I am realizing that daily God is giving me encouragement for my life, my decisions, my Small Group, my neighbors, my baseball players.  Each reading has implication for our life today, what is today’s?

“Do what?” What is the application of what I am reading? This question clearly points you to the next step on your journey.  Get up.  Do what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do.

How fast can you use What? So What? Do What? in your daily life?