A few times a year someone will ask to see all LifePoint small groups, their Bible Study topics and meeting locations. They want to visit a couple of them and choose which group to attend.  I have to ask them for a few minutes in order explain our philosophy of Small Group (SG) ministry.

We treat SG like family.  This means that they have a lot of independence as to what they study, when they meet, what service project they choose; all within a few parameters which GroupLife has established. We do not treat SGs like open classes where you can drift in and out or even visit anytime.  We do not treat SGs like parties where everyone is invited all the time.  The transparency, the closeness, the respect and the trust that a family can acquire is what we shoot for, therefore we do not post all groups all the time. (In addition the respect for the Small Group Family, we have discovered that most SG Leaders did not sign up to be assimilation directors, but shepherds for their friends/family/neighbors/members.)

HOWEVER, every quarter we have connection events (GroupLink) so that people can visit with various group leaders and ask questions about the group.  These events are open-ended, a chance to start a conversation and give you options; yet keep the assimilation geared toward only the groups that are open or new.  This event happens on the church campus so everyone is on neutral turf.   People can discover common interests and see where God is working to connect you.

To keep assimilation active all the time, the Coaches and Coordinators are in continual contact with groups and help to connect people to groups which are open to new people joining. Coaches and Coordinators know the DNA of their groups which aids in assimilation.

We strive to connect people continually, but at the same time respect the ‘family’ of small group.

Interested in connecting to a Small Group for Discipleship, Community and Service?