Continuing my thoughts on how to ‘make’ a Disciple from Monday’s Blog.

There are a lot of people around LifePoint who have tickets to Titans, Braves, Vandy, Predators and Tennessee games.  Sometimes they offer these tickets to me because they know I love sports. I also get opportunities to speak or attend special conferences or events.  For all of these I am so appreciative.

One of the unwritten policies I have for my life and ministry is to always take someone with me when I go to games or conferences, hospital visits or meetings.  Obviously some of these happen during work hours and people are not always available. However, very few people will turn down a trip to a ball game or out of town conference, even if it is with me.  🙂

I am continually surprised at the amount of discipling that takes place in my car as people ride with me.  Even when my sons ride with me, teachable moments are numerous.  Conversations (either on my phone as they listen or between the three of us) really make an impact on the them, the next generation, and remind me that I represent Christ in all my conversation.

I have a couple of questions for you:

-Who is riding with you? What is your next trip that you need to take someone with you? child/potential leader/coach

-What questions are you asking as you fly/drive to your destination? football/struggles/wonders or dreams you have

For Small Group Pastors and Point People: The Small Group Network serves as a great opportunity to disciple other SG Pastors and your team.  Their motto: So no one stands alone.  Check them out, you may want to join this free network.