Can you believe how a simple word change can make a difference in the way we look at things?  The these two words have a tremendous different impact on our intentionality for life, ministry, family and discipleship.

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus instructs us to “go and make disciples.”  Heather Zempel called to our attention the simple mistake we often make of changing ‘make’ to ‘find.’  She was speaking at the GroupLife South 2010 Conference hosted by Dave Treat and Friendship UMC.  This command requires intentionality, prayer, and some time.  And the outcome is much more productive when we ‘make’ disciples than just sitting around trying ‘find’ them.

At LifePoint every 6, 12, and 18 months we ask group leaders if they have an apprentice.  Is this apprentice ready to step out and lead a group of their friends through Bible study and service? The most common response is “I haven’t found one yet.”  This word change could change the next generation!

All of this leads to the next question “How do I make a disciple?” There are various answers, but in response to the apprentice question we apply the following practices in ‘making’ disciples.

-Begin by praying daily, by name for them.

-Ask them to serve alongside you as you serve others.

-Take them with you when you meet with others.

-Discuss upcoming Small Group study and share your notes with them.

-Let them lead a part of the next SG meeting.

For a formal training plan, Steve Gladen has put together a plan we also use called Crawl, Walk, Run.  Crawl =pre-enlisting him/her to lead a sentence/question in the next study.  Walk= discuss him/her before the next meeting an entire section of the study which they will lead.  Run=helping them prepare and lead the entire next study (while you are on vacation or attend the meeting to encourage them along.)

Find or Make?  What is your next step?